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--With the right tools, your children can do anything.--

Programs Monday - Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00pm daily
Advanced Writing Mondays & Thursdays 4:00  & 6:00
YStrive Classes Wednesdays at 4:30
Oxford Reading Project Saturdays 10-12  

High School Sessions Friday 5:30 to 8:30
High School Sessions Saturday 4:00 to 8:00

Now accepting applications for students 8 to 16-years of age.

Call for an appointment at (805) 451-5200

1990 Bakersfield

The Oxford Academy came into being in 1990 while I was teaching Freshman English at USC. I had been invited by several parents to give a series of Sunday seminars aimed at preparing their children for college.

In a matter of weeks, what had started as a few introductory lectures became a four-day a week commitment to teach critical reading, composition, literature, grammar, vocabulary, science, mathematics, logic, and test preparation.

After teaching these classes piecemeal for three years, in 1993 I finally realized that the opportunity to work with the same children for several years in a row was simply too important to pass up. I have proved to myself repeatedly that any child can learn and excel.

In Bakersfield, I created a curriculum that:

  • Develops children's academic writing skills
  • Decreases test anxiety
  • Expands a child's useful vocabulary
  • Imbeds necessary grammar skills
  • Increases their critical experience of literature
  • Enhances their understanding of poetry, drama, and prose.
  • Introduces them to dozens of new disciplines
  • Leads them through the research process 

Oxford students have gone on to excel in every discipline. To see where my students have matriculated glance at our  alumni page .

I have since brought my program to Santa Barbara where I believe it is unique.

In 2006 I began to develop a middle school curriculum for Saint John of Damascus Academy in Goleta.

The program has since surpassed all existing standards, and has helped to shape a group of highly skilled, talented, motivated, and successful high school students with a lifetime zest for learning and a bank of knowledge that far exceeds the wildest expectations of their teachers.

he average starting age of an Oxford student is 10 year's old. But any age is the right age to embark on such an exciting new enterprise. I have regular students as old as 18, and have been approached several times over the last year to start a Great Books and Classics class for adults.

Today, I am opening Oxford Academics, as an after school and weekend enrichment program which is guaranteed to stimulate and to inspire.

all the office today at 805.451.5200 for an appointment.

2009 Santa Barbara Oxford Academics
2009oxfordOxford has been enriching exceptional students continuously for more than 20 years.  Whether the need is remedial or enrichment, the result is always successful well- rounded students with acute critical thinking skills and a heightened critical faculty.

2013 Oxford Academy Students writing

The classics continue to be at the core of the curriculum.