--With the right tools, your children can do anything.--

Programs Monday - Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00pm daily
Advanced Writing Mondays & Thursdays 4:00  & 6:00
YStrive Classes Wednesdays at 4:30
Oxford Reading Project Saturdays 10-12  

High School Sessions Friday 5:30 to 8:30
High School Sessions Saturday 4:00 to 8:00

Now accepting applications for students 8 to 18-years of age.

Call for an appointment at (805) 451-5200 (ask about our Reader's Theater  Workshops).

YStrive for Youth Wednesday English 4:308:00 P.M.              

Wednesday English.  These are kids from Y-Strive for Youth.    Their class meets Wednesday from 4:308:00  There are two summer reading class on  Saturday mornings one from 10:0012:00 P.M., the other from 12:002:00 P.M.  As with all Oxford Classes the Wednesday class works on Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Vocabulary Building, and Grammar.

These kids work hard.  They are expected to read 7-12 books over the summer. They are required to keep a journal of what they read: writing their thoughts and observations about the texts they read as well as making a record of the content.  The youngest class, they are on their way to an exploration of the Classics.

We routinely engage in IQ building exercises that allow the students to develop new methods for working through logic and reasoning problems.

The canon on which Western Civilization is based is vast. With inexperienced and unqualified teachers in most school systems, with underfunded schools and overcrowded classrooms, kids don't have much of a chance to learn the basics let alone the classics. I was shocked when I started teaching in Santa Barbara at how little the children knew.

To succeed in a competitive academic environment, a person simply must know how to write. I emphasize writing skills with my students. Though we work extensively with vocabulary building and grammar skills, they are not our primary focus. A student's learning to apply such skills is one of  the principal aims of education.

I use classic texts from
The Great Books and from the Advanced Placement (AP) reading list as the basis of the curriculum. Many local schools have removed these classics from their curriculums. These are local school board choices which, although well meant, mean that your child will not experience the AP books that colleges expect them to have read. The effort here at Oxford is to stretch your child to the limit of his or her academic potential.

All kids are gifted. I make it my job to find and nurture those gifts. We also have fun.

If you have any inquiries about classes or comments on this page please send them to: mwilds@oxfordacademy.org